About us

With our roots in theatre, film, performance and communication, we can look back on many years of experience.

Since our foundation in 1996, we have performed a wide range of tasks, satisfied the most diverse requirements and been delighted to have customers from all industries, owner-managed and listed, from medium-sized companies to global players.

This has allowed us to remain curious, flexible and individual, open to challenges, to find new paths or sometimes even to rediscover forgotten ones.

All of our in-house productions and films are individually planned and produced by us for you from one source. The production then takes place at our in-house rehearsal stages and studios.

Within these areas, we employ trained directors and choreographers, in addition to imaginative concept developers. They develop and implement individual, creative and high-class performances and films exclusively for our customers.

With these possibilities, we offer solutions that are unique and tailored specifically to your requirements. Therefore, we do not offer anything “off the shelf”, but custom-tailored concepts, productions or show acts.

Which customisation would suit you?

Product production, image film, concealed theatre, interactive show or storytelling? Or better still, an entire production, multimedia performance and music production? Perhaps the reorganisation of your in-house exhibition would be a theme …