Theatre can tell stories and touch people in a number of ways. The audience encounters direct emotion, realistic representation, poetic intensification and a comedic exaggeration of reality. Therefore, theatre can deal with everything – with life in a company, its services, a product and its customers, as well as with an idea or a corporate philosophy and, not least, with its history.

A play written, staged and produced especially for you can make use of types of theatre. Whether it be realistic, classical or even poetic theatre, a play does not have to be long and does not require the conventional stage setting to convey the point. For, as well as a continuous presentation, your play can be divided up into a number of scenes.

Your own individual theatre production can be performed by us throughout the world in all the main languages and dialects. As well as the established varieties of theatre, special styles, such as concealed theatre, musical theatre or even theatre performances in combination with other forms of presentation, multimedia or visual art, are also possible. Whatever style you choose – with the numerous options of different aesthetics, you will leave a lasting impression on your guests with a directness that is unique to the theatre.

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