Multimedia Shows

The basis of this special production is a balanced combination of people and technology. Your guests experience an outlandish, entertaining multimedia show that impressively blurs the boundaries between art, reality and the virtual world. Each of our multimedia shows is unique and produced specifically for you. They are more than just entertainment, but are created for storytelling and infotainment.

With these shows, products can be effectively presented, services showcased, aims and visions formulated in a lasting manner, values and cultures communicated, without disregarding people. Even contents or aesthetics that appear incompatible at first glance can be combined with one another in this way. Thus, you can be put into a new, attractive context, in order to give even greater weight to your content.

The multimedia shows consist of a number of modules, whose content-related framework is the projection of images, lasers or films. Forms of projection are combined with different media, such as, for example, glass, gauze or water, and bodies serve as a projection screen just the same. The shows can work as a show act and also be part of a multimedia-based multi-dimensional production.

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